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Baraha Chhetra Kali Temple Casino

Dantkali This temple is situated in the heart of Bijayapur hill about 1,572 ft. above sea level. According to the myth, a tooth of the deceased wife of Lord Shiva fell off on this spot while Shiva was outrageously traveling on the earth carrying his dead wife. So, this temple was established here in commemoration of the Lord Shiva’s wife. The fallen tooth is said to be very much look alike of a human being itself. Today the historical tooth is still believed to be preserved.

Haat Bazaar is a leading open market, which is located in the Eastern region of the city. This place is quite well known for its fresh produce. Since Biratpur is a land of agriculture, you can find a number of fresh items, including vegetables and fruits. This place is also reckoned as a culturally important place as small-scale farmers get the incredible opportunity to earn here. The Haat Bazaar has several small vendor stores as well, where you can find memorabilia or enjoy eating some local food.

Jute mills in Nepal are widely popular. But the most popular Jute Mill is the Biratnagar Jute Mill. This widely well-known mill is also the oldest in the country. The jute mills were established in 1936. The major highlight of this mills is that it is the first registered company in the country. And therefore, it is also the inspiration for the industrial revolution and development of manufacturing companies across Nepal. Today, because of this company, jute mills’ industry is over 75 years old. That’s what makes it one of the most important industries in the country.